Monday, May 26, 2014

Pittsburgh PA – Day Three

Still more to see and more to eat around Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh was once the largest producers of Steel for the United states.  You can still see the way they integrated what they produced into the structures of the city.

It is a large and beautiful city, and I was only able to see a small portion.  I heard of a lift that takes you to different areas of the city, I did not get around to taking it but those that have said it was an amazing way to see the city.

I couldn't come to Pittsburgh without going to the famous Primani Brothers.

I went to the original location in the Strip District that opened in 1933.  They served the staff that worked in the warehouses all along the river.

I wanted to go with something classically Pittsburgh, so the cook served me up a Pitts-burger.

So much lighter then I expected.
Fresh Sourdough bread
Meat of Choice (about 3 oz)
Slaw (simple and good)
Fresh sliced tomato

I started losing steam in the afternoon with all the walking so I decided to stop into a cafe I had walked past a few times that looked really cute.  I nice European feel to it.

City Cafe on Liberty Street

I chose the Mexican Mocha and a seat to enjoy the view.

Keeping dinner close to the hotel I found a Meatball Joint!

It was all a build your own style of meatballs.  Since they had various sauces and gravy they also offered a build your own poutine, Fun!

It was a bit dark inside but the set up was nice.

Playful water glasses made from cut down bottles.

Keeping it on the lighter side I ordered a slider which is only one meatball, but they offered up to four in their designs.  I went on the lighter side with ground chicken and a pesto sauce, yummers.

I also couldn't pass up an order of poutine, which was a huge portion that I just couldn't finish.

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