Sunday, May 18, 2014

Pittsburgh PA – Day One – Part Two

Walking around the Business district I was surprised to see so many murals


As I headed to one of the rivers to see the bridge designs, I noticed the back of the Fulton Theater has a playful and fun mural on the back of the building.  Beautifully done...

I live inland surrounded by trees, and only smaller bodies of water so seeing wider rivers and the different bridge designs in quite interesting to me.  

They also designed paths along the river for walking and biking.

The Business district is kept very clean and very walk-able.  I was cautious about J-walking, I was not sure of the law, until I saw others walking against the light right in front of the Police… Guess it is ok.  

There are a lot of tall buildings in this area, with designs ranging from old to modern.  There is no effort to make a new one blend to existing buildings, just expressing their individual design.

Staying near the hotel for dinner, we found ourselves at tonic.
A simple place with cocktails, tacos, burgers, and various other modern pub fare.

I was craving a burger, but yet not wanting anything heavy during travel.  They give you the option to choose your meat, Yay!

Went with the Cowboy burger (turkey), it had BBQ sauce, bacon, and onion rings on a fresh bun.  Up'ed my fries to sweet potato, tasty!

Time to wind down and see what I want to do on Day Two.

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MorningAJ said...

That's a tasty looking burger. I'm choosing sweet potato more often these days because they say it's better for you than the other kind.