Saturday, May 17, 2014

Pittsburgh PA - Day One - Part One

Through various mini vacations I have taken over the last few years I have learned that if I want coffee that I am willing to drink while away from home, I have to bring it along myself.  I like making coffee with a French press so I brought mine and an electric kettle.

Taking a walk to The Strip District, not as bad as it sounds, it is a strip of shops that seems to be focused mostly on the locals.  It is an area near the dock warehouses with markets, restaurants, and a few places to draw in the tourists. 

First stop ... The Fabric Store of course  !!!

2124 Penn Ave

 A great collection of fabrics and accessories.

I found some playful Zombie inspire fabrics that called out for me to finally make a quilt for home.

Next stop that caught my attention was the Pittsburgh Popcorn Shop.... Yes Please.

I had to keep Irene calm and give her a few samples so she wouldn't jump right into the bins with all the tasty treats.

We made friends with the clerk and got some great lunch recommendations.  I love going to the places that locals recommend.

Since I was eyeing this place before I stopped into the Popcorn shop I was excited to hear the recommendation of Pho Van.

Pho Van is simply presented, with great customer service.

Went with the Pho Bowl with Beef Meatballs...
Excellent Broth!

They keep it simple and good.

Heading back to the hotel for a break Irene and I took in some architectural sights.

This area of the city is a lot of older buildings, history of the Steel Age are the secrets they hold.

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