Saturday, October 11, 2014

Ahmo's Deli - Ann Arbor, MI

Ahmo's Deli does Mediterranean food that tastes Great and for a Great price.

If you are not feeling adventurous but want a good filling meal, give Ahmo's a try.  They have a few locations around the area and they are consistent with their product no matter which deli you stop into.

My favorite is The Ahmo's Gyro.

I used to get the Combo (with drink and fries) but now I go straight with the Gyro since it really is plenty of food.   Really, it is!  It is filled with Lamb, beef, chicken, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, and a garlic dressing.... and get this... it is only $5.65!
Huge sandwich for a small price, and no tip needed since they call your number for you to pick up at the counter.

Visit their website:

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Tomukun Noodle Bar - Let's talk Ramen

Ramen is a Japanese noodle soup dish. It consists of Chinese-style wheat noodles served in a meat- or fish-based broth, often flavored with soy sauce or miso, and uses toppings such as sliced pork, dried seaweed, kamaboko, and green onions.
Ramen comes in various shapes and lengths. It may be thick, thin, or even ribbon-like, as well as straight or wrinkled.

Tomukun offers a variety of Noodle dishes, including a collection of Ramen options.
When it comes to Tomukun's Ramen, I feel the broth at toppings are more relevant then the noodles.

Pho Ramen

I am a big fan of Pho, the broth is delicious!   
I had to give the Pho Ramen a try, and it was really good.  The only difference between the two was the noodles so I will go back to the Pho noodles next time.

Spicy Beef Ramen

Watch out!  The heat builds with this one.  If you like the comfort of Ramen and want something spicy, this is perfect for you.  I like the fresh bean sprouts for a light crunch.

Duck Ramen

If you like the dark meat of chicken give this one a try, they cook the duck perfectly, nothing greasy about it.

They serve it with a light poultry broth, soft boiled egg, and a few greens.

Great for a day you want something a bit lighter to eat.  

I'm getting this one again.

View my previous Tomukun Post for more Ramen notes.

Check them out and see how Ramen can be a comfort food, going way beyond College cheap eats.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Izzy's Hoagie Shop - Ann Arbor

Izzy's was a go-to restaurant for as long as I can remember.  Dad would be out working on remodeling a house, Mom and I would stop in to pick up some Hoagies and share lunch with Dad.  Great Memories.

When Rob moved to Ann Arbor it was one of the places he learned about his first year here.

Affordable and delicious!
Located on Stadium Boulevard, just a couple miles from the Big House.

We always get the Cheese Steak Hoagie with the peppers on the side.

For us there is no reason to try anything else, this is the BEST !

I grew up on these and even though I don't have them as often any more, I get that craving and gotta get one.

I have also gotten one for a former co-worker that was used to the Philly Cheese Steaks, her opinion.... The best outside of Philly that she has had.

They don't have their own website but you can find out more about them HERE


Saturday, July 5, 2014

Zingerman's Roadhouse - Drinks

Zingerman's Roadhouse, yup one of our favorite places to eat.
I am breaking things down to give you a more complete overview of the amazing goodies to consume at the Roadhouse, starting at the beginning.... Drinks!

Not a shortlist here.... There will be a little metal binder on the table full of all their drinks, from sodas to cocktails and everything in between.  One of the small sheets you get with your menu when you sit is a list of beers on draft.  Since this selection changes they give it a special place for viewing.  Flip that sheet over and you can get some tasty oysters, if your into that, they even offer them smoked (very tasty).

Let's get you started with something on the easy side and alcohol free... the Traverse City Cherry Soda!

One of our favorites.   We let the know we like them sour and they give us a little more of that cherry kick.

This is made from Traverse City Cherry concentrate, simple syrup, and sparkling water.  Yup, sounds simple, but getting the right mixture is key.

Moving it up a notch... we give you the Blenhein Ginger Ale.  Start with the Mild!  Really, I am not joking.  If Vernor's is to strong for you don't go here. Wickedly good, but you gotta be able to handle the ginger.  I find it a bit sweeter then a Ginger Beer.  I have not tried the Stronger one, I am to afraid, but go for it if you are daring.

Along with the Craft beer selections on the menu sheet their are many to chose from in the metal binder, take a gander and see what sounds good.

Lots of Michigan products, because we make great beers.  Mt Pleasant Brewing Company makes the Coal Stokers Blackberry Ale which is a nice calm beer with the berry accents.

Want to go for a more intense beer?
Dragon's Milk!

Well balanced flavors with a creaminess.  Just watch out for that high APV.
It is also priced higher so having as a special treat now and again keeps you from overdoing it.

Not to shun the cocktails, for they are mighty good, here is a lovely Margarita.

If you look at their menu there is a spot for special cocktails, take a look and see if something sounds good to try.

They offer wonderful liqueur options, so see what tickles your fancy, maybe a bourbon tasting is what you need.

They offer Coffees and Teas as well if you need a comfortable warm up.  My favorite in cold weather is the Rooibos tea with Pepperment,  Mmmmmm  :)

Check out their drinks online HERE
Sunday through Thursday evenings have drink specials


Arirang - Ann Arbor

Since I like BiBimBop and live on the South side of town I have frequently been asked if i have tried Arirang.  I was not familiar with them before, but looked them up and gave them a try.

Arirang is a small family business located off Ann Arbor - Saline Rd, in the strip (Oak Valley Village Centre) across from Meijer.  They opened in 2005.
They do not have a website, but if you search their name you can see reviews and someone has put up images of their menu.

Small restaurant, not a lot of eye catching design outside to get your attention, just a nice sign.
Inside is clean and nice, keeping it simple, and all the staff are available to assist you.  They do not even charge for the hot tea.

Your order includes a collection of small starters: Miso soup, fresh kimchi, and various other tasty goodies.

I have had BiBimBop at a lot of places around town, but this is the first time I saw a stone bowl Bop. 
The bowl is heated in the oven, the rice and goodies are placed inside the bowl, and because of the heat the bowl fries the rice.  Gives a nice addition of crispy rice, and if you move your egg around a bit to the bowl side it will cook a bit more for you.  All the ingredients were fresh and delicious.

Great food for a Great price!
I will be going back again  :)

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Traveling Home - Tony Packo's

To get out of Southeastern Michigan and head down into the rest of the US, you almost have to go into Ohio.  Even though I work for the University of Michigan, my problem with the state has nothing to do with the football team at Ohio State... My problem with the state is that the scenery is boring, and it goes on forever.  It is like you are stuck in some dimensional time warp surrounding by boring, stinky, flat land.  Leaving Michigan and going through Ohio to get to your destination also means, you have to go through it to get back home.

To make the homeward trek a stop in Toledo at Tony Packo's is a great way to say good-bye to the state.

Tony Packo's is a local favorite, but the enjoyable food has a way of getting around.

Start with their Original Hot Dog, you can't go wrong with the basics of a good chili sauce.

While you wait for your food to arrive take in all the hot dog buns on the wall, they are autographed by various celebrities that stopped in for a meal.

Check it out!
We were by the bun that Soupy Sales signed!

Delicious dog with amazing pickles (that they make) and a couple of sides, happy taste buds, happy belly.

Living within an hour of Tony Packo's makes it easy to bring some of their entrees home for later to.

Check out your local grocery stores for their Pickles, Peppers & Sauces
If you like Pickles get their original to start, you wont be disappointed.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Pittsburgh PA – Day Three

Still more to see and more to eat around Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh was once the largest producers of Steel for the United states.  You can still see the way they integrated what they produced into the structures of the city.

It is a large and beautiful city, and I was only able to see a small portion.  I heard of a lift that takes you to different areas of the city, I did not get around to taking it but those that have said it was an amazing way to see the city.

I couldn't come to Pittsburgh without going to the famous Primani Brothers.

I went to the original location in the Strip District that opened in 1933.  They served the staff that worked in the warehouses all along the river.

I wanted to go with something classically Pittsburgh, so the cook served me up a Pitts-burger.

So much lighter then I expected.
Fresh Sourdough bread
Meat of Choice (about 3 oz)
Slaw (simple and good)
Fresh sliced tomato

I started losing steam in the afternoon with all the walking so I decided to stop into a cafe I had walked past a few times that looked really cute.  I nice European feel to it.

City Cafe on Liberty Street

I chose the Mexican Mocha and a seat to enjoy the view.

Keeping dinner close to the hotel I found a Meatball Joint!

It was all a build your own style of meatballs.  Since they had various sauces and gravy they also offered a build your own poutine, Fun!

It was a bit dark inside but the set up was nice.

Playful water glasses made from cut down bottles.

Keeping it on the lighter side I ordered a slider which is only one meatball, but they offered up to four in their designs.  I went on the lighter side with ground chicken and a pesto sauce, yummers.

I also couldn't pass up an order of poutine, which was a huge portion that I just couldn't finish.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Pittsburgh PA – Day Two

Saturday... It's the Weekend!

 Their will be less traffic in the business district.  A good time to check out more buildings on my way to find food.

On a vacation the weekend means that some restaurants offer Brunch items that you would normally not see on their menu.

I found myself at Meat and Potatoes.
The name sounds familiar, I think I have heard about them on one of the food channels.

Finding a seat the the bar is a great way to talk more directly to the staff and find out what they recommend.

Since Ruthann said they run out of the Chicken & Waffles, I guess that is what I need to get.

I did Not disappoint!
Housemade syrup, not sticky or sweet.
The Waffle was made with cheddar and jalapeno.  Giving a nice bit of the cheddar on that first bit, following it with the smokiness of the pepper.
I am not one to put syrup on my protein, and this chicken did not need it.  This juicy chicken (there was about a half chicken on the waffle) was lightly breaded with flour and then fried.  They added a rub on the chicken that reminded me of the flavor you would have on a BBQ potato chip.

I was tempted to go back the next day for another helping.

Walking off the meal and took in some of the public art.  Found this fun.  The other side of the eyes are benches.

The Children's festival was going on so they had a section of town blocked for fun and games for the kiddos.

Went to August Henry's for dinner and got some Pierogies, trying to keep it on the lighter side after such a big lunch

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Pittsburgh PA – Day One – Part Two

Walking around the Business district I was surprised to see so many murals


As I headed to one of the rivers to see the bridge designs, I noticed the back of the Fulton Theater has a playful and fun mural on the back of the building.  Beautifully done...

I live inland surrounded by trees, and only smaller bodies of water so seeing wider rivers and the different bridge designs in quite interesting to me.  

They also designed paths along the river for walking and biking.

The Business district is kept very clean and very walk-able.  I was cautious about J-walking, I was not sure of the law, until I saw others walking against the light right in front of the Police… Guess it is ok.  

There are a lot of tall buildings in this area, with designs ranging from old to modern.  There is no effort to make a new one blend to existing buildings, just expressing their individual design.

Staying near the hotel for dinner, we found ourselves at tonic.
A simple place with cocktails, tacos, burgers, and various other modern pub fare.

I was craving a burger, but yet not wanting anything heavy during travel.  They give you the option to choose your meat, Yay!

Went with the Cowboy burger (turkey), it had BBQ sauce, bacon, and onion rings on a fresh bun.  Up'ed my fries to sweet potato, tasty!

Time to wind down and see what I want to do on Day Two.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Pittsburgh PA - Day One - Part One

Through various mini vacations I have taken over the last few years I have learned that if I want coffee that I am willing to drink while away from home, I have to bring it along myself.  I like making coffee with a French press so I brought mine and an electric kettle.

Taking a walk to The Strip District, not as bad as it sounds, it is a strip of shops that seems to be focused mostly on the locals.  It is an area near the dock warehouses with markets, restaurants, and a few places to draw in the tourists. 

First stop ... The Fabric Store of course  !!!

2124 Penn Ave

 A great collection of fabrics and accessories.

I found some playful Zombie inspire fabrics that called out for me to finally make a quilt for home.

Next stop that caught my attention was the Pittsburgh Popcorn Shop.... Yes Please.

I had to keep Irene calm and give her a few samples so she wouldn't jump right into the bins with all the tasty treats.

We made friends with the clerk and got some great lunch recommendations.  I love going to the places that locals recommend.

Since I was eyeing this place before I stopped into the Popcorn shop I was excited to hear the recommendation of Pho Van.

Pho Van is simply presented, with great customer service.

Went with the Pho Bowl with Beef Meatballs...
Excellent Broth!

They keep it simple and good.

Heading back to the hotel for a break Irene and I took in some architectural sights.

This area of the city is a lot of older buildings, history of the Steel Age are the secrets they hold.