Saturday, May 24, 2014

Pittsburgh PA – Day Two

Saturday... It's the Weekend!

 Their will be less traffic in the business district.  A good time to check out more buildings on my way to find food.

On a vacation the weekend means that some restaurants offer Brunch items that you would normally not see on their menu.

I found myself at Meat and Potatoes.
The name sounds familiar, I think I have heard about them on one of the food channels.

Finding a seat the the bar is a great way to talk more directly to the staff and find out what they recommend.

Since Ruthann said they run out of the Chicken & Waffles, I guess that is what I need to get.

I did Not disappoint!
Housemade syrup, not sticky or sweet.
The Waffle was made with cheddar and jalapeno.  Giving a nice bit of the cheddar on that first bit, following it with the smokiness of the pepper.
I am not one to put syrup on my protein, and this chicken did not need it.  This juicy chicken (there was about a half chicken on the waffle) was lightly breaded with flour and then fried.  They added a rub on the chicken that reminded me of the flavor you would have on a BBQ potato chip.

I was tempted to go back the next day for another helping.

Walking off the meal and took in some of the public art.  Found this fun.  The other side of the eyes are benches.

The Children's festival was going on so they had a section of town blocked for fun and games for the kiddos.

Went to August Henry's for dinner and got some Pierogies, trying to keep it on the lighter side after such a big lunch

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Lavone S. said...

The bridge between buildings was the walkway between the jail and the courthouse!