Thursday, June 26, 2014

Traveling Home - Tony Packo's

To get out of Southeastern Michigan and head down into the rest of the US, you almost have to go into Ohio.  Even though I work for the University of Michigan, my problem with the state has nothing to do with the football team at Ohio State... My problem with the state is that the scenery is boring, and it goes on forever.  It is like you are stuck in some dimensional time warp surrounding by boring, stinky, flat land.  Leaving Michigan and going through Ohio to get to your destination also means, you have to go through it to get back home.

To make the homeward trek a stop in Toledo at Tony Packo's is a great way to say good-bye to the state.

Tony Packo's is a local favorite, but the enjoyable food has a way of getting around.

Start with their Original Hot Dog, you can't go wrong with the basics of a good chili sauce.

While you wait for your food to arrive take in all the hot dog buns on the wall, they are autographed by various celebrities that stopped in for a meal.

Check it out!
We were by the bun that Soupy Sales signed!

Delicious dog with amazing pickles (that they make) and a couple of sides, happy taste buds, happy belly.

Living within an hour of Tony Packo's makes it easy to bring some of their entrees home for later to.

Check out your local grocery stores for their Pickles, Peppers & Sauces
If you like Pickles get their original to start, you wont be disappointed.

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