Friday, January 31, 2014

Tomukun – Keeping it Simple

Sometimes you want to get out and try someplace new, but not necessarily Some-Thing new.
Here is how to Keep it Simple at Tomukun.

Dumplings… I think we have all had them.  Also known as Potstickers.

Tomukun does Dumpling right!  There filling is a traditional dumpling filling, with pork and ginger, but they do an amazing job balancing the flavors.  We have had them each time we go and they are consistent with the product they serve.  The outside is beautifully fried on all three sides, nice and crispy.  Always hot when they come out, be careful not to burn your tongue.  Their house sauce is wonderful for dipping.  This is an Appetizer that won’t let you down.   $3 gets you four dumplings.  I do recommend sharing with a friend if you are ordering another item or you will fill up fast.

Ramen… We all have flashbacks from the college years and packaged ramen.  No worries when ordering Ramen at Tomukun, they do it right and give you comfort in a bowl.

Tomukun Ramen

The Tomukun Ramen gives you full flavor with Pork.  A huge bowl for only $10
A rich Pork broth with a great portion of proper Ramen noodles (cooked perfectly).  The is the base for Roasted pork belly, spinach, bamboo shoots, scallions (aka: green onion), Naruto fish cake, half a soft boiled egg, and a sheet of nori (seaweed).  If you are not keen any of the pieces (Naruto, seaweed) but are curious to try, just keep the order as is.  Once you try them, if they are not your thing just pull them out, easy peasy.  If you are not adventurous in something new, just ask them not to include it in the bowl.

Butter Corn Ramen

The Butter Corn Ramen is great if you want to keep it on the lighter side.  A huge bowl for only $10
This ramen starts with the pork broth, but is sweeter due to the corn and other goodies.  Served with a helping of ramen noodles, Crispy Chicken, buttered sweet corn, bamboo shoots, hard boiled egg, scallions, and white onions.

So get on out there and try someplace new !

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