Sunday, January 5, 2014

Brunch at Jolly Pumpkin - A2 MI

The weekend is a wonderful time to enjoy brunch after running your morning errands, the tasty reward for doing all your chores.

Jolly Pumpkin opens at 10am on the weekends and serves up wonderful brunch options alongside the Lunch menu.  It is nice to get into town before noon, there is street parking everywhere and the lot on the corner of Main and Williams always has spots open.

Here are some of your reward options:

Bacon and Egg Pizza:

Really?  YES !!  This was the first of the brunch items we tried.  Their hand-tossed sourdough crust topped with caramelized onions, Applewood smoked bacon, Gruyere Crème, and two fried eggs.  You may need help from you knife just to separate the slices, but this is about using your hands for breakfast.  Seriously the best breakfast foods all in a pizza.

Challah French Toast:

Challah Bread is wonderfully absorbent (wonderful for bread pudding too) so it soaks up the egg before being grilled and adds wonderful flavor.  The slices are nice and think, like Texas toast.  Michigan Maple Syrup of course, if you have never had proper maple syrup I highly suggest you through Aunt Jemima or that Log Cabin out and get some of the good stuff.  Fresh berries are served on the side along with Applewood smoked bacon or Sausage.

Farmers Omlete:

Seasonal Market Veggies stuffed inside fluffy eggs.  This one was filled with caramelized onions, shaved Brussels sprouts, and Mozzarella.  Served with roasted fingerling potatoes, and salad greens with a light vinaigrette.  If you feel the need for meat you can add a side of Applewood smoked bacon or sausage.  This meal is incredibly filling with or without the meat.

For more information about Jolly Pumpkin and all of their locations, visit their website:

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