Saturday, February 1, 2014

Bagger Dave’s

Rob and I rarely go to franchise restaurants, for two reasons:
1) We like to support local businesses as much as possible
2) They tend to use more preservatives since they ship product out to the different locations and to keep the food consistent no matter which one you go to.

For a while (no longer) we did go to Bagger Dave’s here in Ann Arbor… The reason: our friend Abbey was working there. 

For a franchise the food was done well.  They hand make the patties for the burgers per order, and you can taste the difference.  They offer pre-designed burgers, or you can build your own.  Good Fries and Good drinks (including local beers) to go with the burgers.  I must say, I was never disappointed from any order. 


If you have a Bagger Dave’s near you, or are traveling and need a bite to eat, they will fill you up with good fare.

Locations in Michigan, Indiana, and Missouri

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