Sunday, January 26, 2014

Bell’s Dinner – Ann Arbor, Michigan

                Bell’s Diner is located on the West Side of Ann Arbor.  Owned by a Korean family they offer both traditional Diner food as well as traditional Korean food.  It is a small diner and will fill up quickly during peak times. 

                I would go there with my parents in the summer on the days I went to work with them (they were self-employed), and when I went to college I would met up with them at Bell’s occasionally for a bite to eat.  I usually got the Fried Rice back in those days, quite filling.
                I was talking to an old friend about BiBimBop at she mentioned that Bell’s had it.  Well that was perfect for my craving during Art Fair week so that I didn’t have to go downtown into the crazy.  I was a bit underwhelmed, my friend said you can chose your meat and how you want your eggs, they did not offer me a choice and it came with beef and scrambled eggs.  It was ok, but not as good as a couple places I preferred downtown.  After about a year I was talking with another old friend (funny that they were from the same circle of friends when we were younger), and he mentioned the Bop at Bell’s and that it was really good.  I voiced my first impression, but after the conversation decided I needed to try it again and see if it was just an odd day for them.  I do believe it was, maybe a shortcut for the crazy art fair, because this time I got to chose both the meat and how I wanted my egg.  Excellent Bop! 

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