Friday, January 3, 2014

The Wafel Shop – Ann Arbor, MI

Bringing real Belgian Wafels to Ann Arbor!

Wafels !  Can anyone Not like one of these?
They even offer Gluten Free and Vegan options!
The Wafel shop is keepin’ it real, keepin’ it simple, but you can dress it up if you want to.

Now let’s go inside and take a look.
Their color scheme is Orange, Cream, and Silver.


And look, they even have a fairy door.  Of course fairies like wafels (I'm guessing with Michigan Maple Syrup).   Apparently Waldo does too!

They offer a few types of Wafels:
Liege – Dense and chewy, with Belgian pearl sugar
Brussels – Crispy exterior, light, buttery, fluffy interior
Gluten-Free Brussels – All the fun, none of the gluten
Vegan Brussels – No animals were harmed in the making of this Wafel.

You can add on the toppings you like with a few free items and then goodies priced $1-$3 depending on what you want added.
If you are not sure where to start, they have great ideas for you from their savory ideas of the Wafel BLT to sweet desserts like the Mandie.  (both tasted by us and we can verify the awesomeness!)

A selection of refreshing beverages to pair up with the tasty wafel.
Keep warm with their special Wafel Shop blend of coffee roasted by Zingerman’s

Keeping things as local as they can they offer amazingly fresh goodness.
Let’s cut to the chase and show you some :

Some days you just want something Simple and a cuppa coffee:

You can go sweet and keep it a bit healthy and fresh with the Flanders:

Need a light meal, try the Wafel BLT:
 Check out the homemade garlic aioli

Want a larger dessert on a warm day, the Mandie is great!
Note on this version, they were out of chocolate covered Liege wafels, so we went with a warm wafel and replaced the chocolate cover with chocolate syrup.  Inside remained the same with the Biscoff and Zingerman’s Gelato.
We have tried both versions, we actually like the warm wafel version a little better because the warmth helps melt the gelato a bit and really ties all the flavors together well.

For more information on The Wafel Shop you can find them on Facebook or their website:

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