Saturday, July 5, 2014

Arirang - Ann Arbor

Since I like BiBimBop and live on the South side of town I have frequently been asked if i have tried Arirang.  I was not familiar with them before, but looked them up and gave them a try.

Arirang is a small family business located off Ann Arbor - Saline Rd, in the strip (Oak Valley Village Centre) across from Meijer.  They opened in 2005.
They do not have a website, but if you search their name you can see reviews and someone has put up images of their menu.

Small restaurant, not a lot of eye catching design outside to get your attention, just a nice sign.
Inside is clean and nice, keeping it simple, and all the staff are available to assist you.  They do not even charge for the hot tea.

Your order includes a collection of small starters: Miso soup, fresh kimchi, and various other tasty goodies.

I have had BiBimBop at a lot of places around town, but this is the first time I saw a stone bowl Bop. 
The bowl is heated in the oven, the rice and goodies are placed inside the bowl, and because of the heat the bowl fries the rice.  Gives a nice addition of crispy rice, and if you move your egg around a bit to the bowl side it will cook a bit more for you.  All the ingredients were fresh and delicious.

Great food for a Great price!
I will be going back again  :)

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