Saturday, July 5, 2014

Zingerman's Roadhouse - Drinks

Zingerman's Roadhouse, yup one of our favorite places to eat.
I am breaking things down to give you a more complete overview of the amazing goodies to consume at the Roadhouse, starting at the beginning.... Drinks!

Not a shortlist here.... There will be a little metal binder on the table full of all their drinks, from sodas to cocktails and everything in between.  One of the small sheets you get with your menu when you sit is a list of beers on draft.  Since this selection changes they give it a special place for viewing.  Flip that sheet over and you can get some tasty oysters, if your into that, they even offer them smoked (very tasty).

Let's get you started with something on the easy side and alcohol free... the Traverse City Cherry Soda!

One of our favorites.   We let the know we like them sour and they give us a little more of that cherry kick.

This is made from Traverse City Cherry concentrate, simple syrup, and sparkling water.  Yup, sounds simple, but getting the right mixture is key.

Moving it up a notch... we give you the Blenhein Ginger Ale.  Start with the Mild!  Really, I am not joking.  If Vernor's is to strong for you don't go here. Wickedly good, but you gotta be able to handle the ginger.  I find it a bit sweeter then a Ginger Beer.  I have not tried the Stronger one, I am to afraid, but go for it if you are daring.

Along with the Craft beer selections on the menu sheet their are many to chose from in the metal binder, take a gander and see what sounds good.

Lots of Michigan products, because we make great beers.  Mt Pleasant Brewing Company makes the Coal Stokers Blackberry Ale which is a nice calm beer with the berry accents.

Want to go for a more intense beer?
Dragon's Milk!

Well balanced flavors with a creaminess.  Just watch out for that high APV.
It is also priced higher so having as a special treat now and again keeps you from overdoing it.

Not to shun the cocktails, for they are mighty good, here is a lovely Margarita.

If you look at their menu there is a spot for special cocktails, take a look and see if something sounds good to try.

They offer wonderful liqueur options, so see what tickles your fancy, maybe a bourbon tasting is what you need.

They offer Coffees and Teas as well if you need a comfortable warm up.  My favorite in cold weather is the Rooibos tea with Pepperment,  Mmmmmm  :)

Check out their drinks online HERE
Sunday through Thursday evenings have drink specials


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