Sunday, July 6, 2014

Izzy's Hoagie Shop - Ann Arbor

Izzy's was a go-to restaurant for as long as I can remember.  Dad would be out working on remodeling a house, Mom and I would stop in to pick up some Hoagies and share lunch with Dad.  Great Memories.

When Rob moved to Ann Arbor it was one of the places he learned about his first year here.

Affordable and delicious!
Located on Stadium Boulevard, just a couple miles from the Big House.

We always get the Cheese Steak Hoagie with the peppers on the side.

For us there is no reason to try anything else, this is the BEST !

I grew up on these and even though I don't have them as often any more, I get that craving and gotta get one.

I have also gotten one for a former co-worker that was used to the Philly Cheese Steaks, her opinion.... The best outside of Philly that she has had.

They don't have their own website but you can find out more about them HERE


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