Sunday, February 2, 2014

The debate over UnMilks

Milk is a personal preference affected by the society you grew up in, what you were raised consuming as a child/young person, and your health.

Note: From what I understand, Humans are the only species that continues to consume milk into adulthood, and the only species to drink the milk of another species.

Cow Milk – Not good for human digestion.  Hard for us to process and it causes various issues with our bowels.
Goat Milk – Closer to human milk then cow milk.  Not common in the US as milk, used more for cheese products.

Soy – a common substitute for animal milk products.  Due to the processing of the soy bean it can increase estrogen levels when consumed on a regular basis.


Now on to types of “Milk” people are turning to as alternatives. 

Rice – Very thin; Plain is that, no real flavor to it; options of vanilla and chocolate are available.

Almond – Thin; No flavor in the sweetened or unsweetened.

Oat – thicker consistency could work well for a replacement in recipes.  Sweeter like a touch of oatmeal.
          (A recent find at the Market that I am happy about)


Take a look at the Nutritional information and make the right choice for your needs.

Note: Personally we are not milk drinkers and only used it with cereal.  Now it is something we only buy when called for in a recipe (Smashed Potatoes, or baked goods)

My personal choice is the Oat Milk.

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