Sunday, February 9, 2014

Tamaki – Ann Arbor, MI

Custom Sushi and Rolls
Located at 521 E. Liberty St
Designed for the College town, with locations around by the University of Michigan and Michigan State campuses.

I stopped into a store down the street to pick up something I needed and was chatting with the sales guy.  As we talked about lunch he mentioned Tamaki.  I still went to the place I intended that day, but felt the need to come back and try this spot.

They have a Cafeteria set up:

From the reviews I have seen people either Love it or Hate it.  I personally am Not a fan. 
People who did like it seemed to like the cafeteria style, build your own sushi style of it.  That is not a feature I like, but I am not 20 anymore either.

I went with items I felt comfortable with comparing to other places I have gotten sushi and other Asian dishes at.

Salmon Roll and Dumplings:

The Salmon roll had no flavor, very disappointing.
I thought the technique in preparing the dumplings was interesting.  They had them frozen and popped them in the deep fryer to cook and make them crispy.  If the filling had more flavor I would have liked them more.

I personally have no interest in visiting again, not terrible, just fell flat for me.

More information is on their website:

The photos of the food on their site give the impression of real plates, implying a sit-down service environment.  You order in the cafeteria style line, and my plate was disposable.

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