Sunday, December 29, 2013

Zingerman’s Roadhouse – Ann Arbor, MI

Zingerman’s Roadhouse is part of the Zingerman’s Community of Businesses. 
Located in a renovated old Bill Knapp’s restaurant, it opened its doors in 2003.  We heard various reviews; some people were hoping to have a deli outside of downtown and were not sure what to make of a restaurant featuring American Foods done really good.  Although they do offer a few sandwiches on the menu, more on the lunch menu, it is more about classic American dishes.

Due to the selection of wonderful foods, and that they change up some of the menu items regularly to keep things new and exciting, I will be offering posts featuring each section of the menu. 

As for the ambiance and service:
As mentioned, the building is a renovated Bill Knapp’s restaurant, but you would never know for the look of it now. 
A trailer out front is a drive thru for orders you call in for pick up, or for the quick menu offered thru the Roadshow.
A big Neon sign hangs above the entrance to the Roadhouse.  As you walk inside you will see the whimsy nature of the design all around.  Collections of Salt and Pepper Shakers are in cabinets hung throughout.  The graphics are playful and big blue circles hang above the kitchen pass to display the “blue plate” specials.

The Staff:
Such a great crew!  I must admit we are a bit bias now that we have gotten familiar with about half of them and one of our friends has been working there for almost two years now.  These people know the food that they serve.  They try all the specials so they know what they are serving to you.  If you have a question, do not hesitate to ask, they are happy to help.  If you have any food allergies or concerns let your server know, they will work with you to find something you will like or see if the chef can adjust something for you.  The chefs are consistent about what comes out of the kitchen.  They know their food and do it well.

The Prices:
Ok, so I hear a lot of people look at the menu and go “the prices are so high”.
First off, it depends on what you get.  If you are going for a full three course with a steak and cocktails, your bill will quickly rack up, but if you actually take the time to enjoy the flavors you will appreciate every penny of it.  On the other hand, if you consider how much food you can comfortably eat and maybe sharing the appetizer and/or dessert you can get your money’s worth out of it.
The quality of the food is outstanding at the Roadhouse.  Take home food and reheat it in the oven if you have the means to, otherwise share the plates.  Let you wait staff know if you are sharing a dish and they will bring it out on separate plates for you, no extra charge like some places I have seen.  

More information about the Roadhouse can be found on their website:
Explore the menus, click on ‘the food’ for some great info about the food and their recipe for Pimento Cheese! 

Top image is a Zingerman's graphic, a perfect example of their unique style.

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