Thursday, December 26, 2013

Jolly Pumpkin Cafe & Brewery - Ann Arbor, MI

The time has come to talk to you about our favorite Brew Pub, Jolly Pumpkin.

                We discovered their wonderful mirco- brews years ago, and found them available at some of the local stores.  The brewery is located just west of Ann Arbor in the Village of Dexter.  They craft wonderful tart ales, and have won awards throughout the years for some of their special blends.
Here is more about the Brewery:
Oh, and they are also a Distillery, crafting their own Vodka, Gin, and Rum (to name a few).

                Located on Main Street in Downtown Ann Arbor is the Jolly Pumpkin Café & Brewery.  There is seating in the main room along with the bar, the Upstairs along with a bar, and in the summer there is rooftop seating.  They offer a Lunch and Dinner menu, along with specials for Lunch, Dinner, and weekend Brunch.

                We have tried almost everything on the menu, from every category.

                Appetizers are wonderful if there are just two of you, or a full party table.  Small delicious bites with the locally sourced Farmer’s Frittos is always a good choice, but with extra friends going for a Butcher Board is a diverse way to go.

Squash Frittos

                Salads, Pizzas, and Sandwiches … Oh My!  Don’t forget to check out the specials! 
                It is hard to pick out a favorite at the Pumpkin, dish is crafted so well.  One of Rob’s favorites is the Fire and Smoke pizza.  I have learned to recreate a similar pizza at home, but this one still rains supreme. 

                I tend to surf the menu at lot, I love trying new things.  Getting a chance to enjoy a short run special is always a treat.  During the summer I got to have the Steak Special with a Korean BBQ sauce.

                There is plenty of food so take some home, just remember to reheat it in the oven for the best flavor.  Preheat to 350’ and cook tray of deliciousness for about 12-15 minutes.   This will help you save room for some dessert.  You can go light with a scoop of their amazing Vegan Ice Cream (they use coconut milk), or enjoy something warm like a cobbler or the Ricotta Fritters (they make their own fruit reduction of course).

For more information about Jolly Pumpkin and all of their locations, visit their website:

More to come on the Brunch Menu!!!!

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