Sunday, November 24, 2013

Jerusalem Garden - Ann Arbor, MI

A high school friend introduced me to Jerusalem Garden in the summer of 1990, right before we started college.  I was hooked with the first bit of their Falafel with Hummus.  I continued to visit and always ordered the Falafel…. at least for the first 8 years I went there.  The Chicken Shawarma was the next sandwich I tried, amazing!  Once again, a perfect sandwich with fresh ingredients.  I stuck with that sandwich for a couple years, than started surfing the menu.  Never once have I been disappointed.  They are now a regular weekly stop for great food, good staff, and comfort food.
                Jerusalem Garden is known for being a local Cheap Eats spot, but they in no way skimp on the food.  If you like Middleastern food, or just want to try it without spending a lot of money, stop in! 
                BONUS:  They serve RoosRoast Coffee !

The Chicken with Fattoush Salad is our go to meal , we get it with rice pilaf.  It is plenty of food, enough for either two people, or two meals. 

They offer various cookies for dessert.  I was not a kid that grew up on rice pudding, but this is a fun dessert.

They have their menu up on the website, check it out:


MorningAJ said...

Looks yummy. What's on top of the rice?

A2 Lebowsky said...

Between the rice and chicken is Fattoush with fried pita, best way to get my greens :)